By Eddie Bartnik, Bruce Langoulant AM and Ruth Shean AO


The NDIS is not working for everyone in Western Australia. This costs governments, taxpayers and,
most importantly, people with disability and their families and friends who are left holding the bag.
In this paper, three of Australia’s deeply experienced people in the delivery and use of disability
services examine the development of the disability services system in Western Australia in order to
frame the deficiencies demonstrable in the NDIS as it currently stands.

They then identify three fundamental proposals constituting a call to action designed to result in the
building of a more trusted and sustainable NDIS in the West, also providing a platform for scalable
national improvements. In essence, local collective leadership and collaboration , trusting and
enduring relationships with people with disabilities, their families and communities and stronger
partnerships with mainstream and community organisations across the state are critical to achieving
an NDIS in Western Australia that will better meet the needs of all people with disability and their

Read the full report here.

This report was published on 11 October 2022.

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