DAWA Council

Our founding Member Council volunteer their time to support the establishment of this movement as they personally believe in the mission and vision of DAWA.

It is our intention that people with disability and people who care for a family member with disability, are represented on Council as quickly as possible.

Photo of the DAWA Council Meeting on 14th June 2023. Image shows the CoLAB meeting space in the RAC Head Office building with tables set up in a u-shape and four council members standing at the front of the room, next to the two large screens showing the faces of the other council members who dialled in to the meeting remotely.
Headshot of Esme Bowen

Esme Bowen

Headshot of Mary Butterworth

Mary Butterworth

Headshot of Michael Chester

Michael Chester

Kathy Hough

Amanda Hunt

Headshot of Bruce Langoulant

Bruce Langoulant

Tom Oliver

Victor Patrick

Headshot of Karen Reid

Karen Reid

Headshot of Carrie Clark

Carrie Clark

Headshot of Mark Fitzpatrick

Mark Fitzpatrick

Darren Ginnelly

Headshot of Susan Male

Susan Male

Headshot of Erin Marshall

Erin Marshall

Grace Mills

Headshot of Katie Rodwell

Katie Rodwell

Headshot of Gordon Trewern

Gordon Trewern

Headshot of Tony Vis

Tony Vis

Headshot of Amy Clark

Amy Clark

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